Text color

Hucci with Text Color

Text Color is a new addition to CPYS. The White Text Color it is in the Bling Shop. It really helps to see what you're saying.

What is it?Edit

  • Text Color is the option to change the color of your text when you chat on CPYS. 
  • Text Color will be coming out in different colors over time. 
  • Text Color is a good way to stand out.
  • The only known Text Color at this time is White.
  • It's shortname is TC.
  • More colors will come out in the Bling Shop soon.


  • Tooly and Hucci are the two who discovered it and made it happen.
  • It officially came out on April 1st, 2013
  • Tooly gave away 5 free text colors at the day it was released.
  • The winners were chosen by the moderators
  • Balloon, GlitterGirl, iiChris, XxlamarXx, and Toby13 were the winners

    iiChris with Text Color


    XxlamarXx with Text Color