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Spring Dance

Members only No
When April 26, 2013 - April 28, 2013
Previous Party St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Next Party 1st Anniversary Party
Free Item(s) Yellow Tux
Black 3D Glasses
Pink Sun Dress
Spring Fedora
Where CPYS (!PROM command)
Mascot(s) Franky

The Spring Dance is a custom party on CPYS that took place on April 26, 2013 to April 28, 2013. Due to the success with the Prom party, the Prom idea was enhanced with a new Spring theme.

The party was officially announced by staff member Foshizzel on April 4, 2013. Similar to the Prom, you needed the Spring Dance Pass to go to the party by using the special command, !PROM. The party was solely designed by staff member, Hucci.

Highlights of the party included four new items being released, along with bling giveaways, a special background, and raffle to win bubblecolor and namecolor.


Custom Items[]