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Clothes, or clothing, are optional items that penguins can wear. Clothes can be bought in the Gift Shop (Catalog name: Penguin Style), the Soccer Pitch (Catalog name: Snow and Sports), the Stage (Catalog name: The Costume Trunk), The Dock, The Cove the Ski Hill and, when Rockhopper is docked on the island, in the Hold (Catalog name: Rockhopper's Rare Items). On special occasions, some clothing items can be collected for free in various areas. These are normally found in party rooms or on Free Item Stand. All penguins can also receive items from the Treasure Book.


In the Penguin Style catalog, there are special Jobs available each month. These Jobs allow you to perform certain actions and also allows penguins to pretend that they are actually performing these occupations. Sometimes, free items are released which can be used for the Jobs. Please note that they are not games and they will not earn you coins. It's just a nice way to help the community!