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CPYS is a Club Penguin Private Server started by Tooly and Coolboy. It was first released in 2011, but then went down. It resurrected in June of 2012, and is still soaring to new heights. It stands for Club Penguin Your Server.

On May 31st, 2012, Tooly made an announcement via twitter stating that CPYS is once again back up and running. It didn't take long before it regained all of its users, and immediately gave competition to all of the other CPPS's. A solid staff was beginning to take form, but Coolboy, the co-founder of CPYS was fired because of in-activity. The designers came up with great party ideas, and everyone enjoyed them. CPYS was in the final three for top CPPS of the year according to CPPSHQ . CPYS is also one of the safest private servers ever. Always make sure to never share your password to 3rd party sites, who can hack into your account. In late 2013, Tooly left CPYS. They still managed to keep it together. But after that, CPYS was shut down and is now rebuilding its name.