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Chocolate Party
Chocolate Party.jpg

Members only No
When August 4, 2012 - August 15, 2012
Previous Party CPYS Beta Party
Next Party Prom
Free Item(s) Chocolate Hat
Chocolate Apron
Where The Town
The Dock
Mascot(s) Chocolate

The Chocolate Party was a party on CPYS that started on August 4, 2012 and lasted until August 15, 2012. The party was mainly focused on the sweet brown food that can be considered a dessert. 

Highlights of the party included celebrating "chocolate", players "eating as much chocolate as they wanted", and meeting and obtaining items from new mascot, Chocolate.

Free Items[]

Image Item
Screenshot 19.png Chocolate Apron
Screenshot 18.png Chocolate Hat


  • Twix, a staff member of CPYS, came up with the idea for the Chocolate Party.
  • This party featured CPYS' first ever masoct, Chocolate.
  • On January 27, 2013, staff member Andrew0167 teased a return for the Chocolate Party, during the next month when the Adventure Party would be held. Despite this teaser, the Chocolate Party never returned.