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Kingkong06 Kingkong06 10 January 2014

CPYS is coming back!

Hello Everyone! I'm Kingkong06 and I was part of the CPYS staff, a few days ago I was rehired by Mustafa and Hucci, Old Super Mods and now Admins for the second version of CPYS .

We are starting Beta Test really soon, so if you want to beta test, donate here to be a tester.

I hope to see you all once we re-release!


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Khantar07 Khantar07 21 August 2013

Próximos CPYS Português Wiki!

Português: Saudações, colegas pinguins! Eu sei que existem alguns editores portugueses aqui. E eu sei que uma pessoa não pode rapidamente dominar uma língua. É por isso que eu tenho planejado para criar um wiki Português de CPYS só assim você pode editar! Atualmente estou transferindo alguns dos dados para o Português por isso vai demorar mais tempo, mas não se preocupe! Vou informá-lo o mais breve possível!

Upcoming CPYS Portuguese Wiki! English: Greetings, fellow penguins! I know there are some Portuguese editors here. And I know that a person can't quickly master a language. So that's why I have planned to create a Portuguese wiki of CPYS just so you can edit! I'm currently transferring some of the data into the Portuguese so it'll take l…

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Bearjedi Bearjedi 18 July 2013



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Davi Santos Davi Santos 5 July 2013

Club Penguin Blogueiro

hoje vou mostrar como ser famoso e vou falar uns codigos para conseguir roupas maneiras no Atlantic Penguin no e para isso devemos procurar na internet um site de códigos vamos lá :)Primeiro vá no google ou qualquer lugar procure assim codigos de roupas de famosos e depois codigos de roupas maneiras para atlantic penguin e continue procurando ... continuando vou falar alguns codigos pra vcs :  Cece codes da ropa da CeCe: 1459=Cabelo 3131=colar 4691=blusa 5169=pulseira 6128=tenis  Rocky: codes da ropa da Rocky: 1458=cabelo 3130=colar 4690=blusa 5163=pulseira 6127=tenis      TP codes de ropa da TP: 1384=cabelo4555=blusa. E para virar famosos no cpps.me e no Atlantic penguin : !up sensei: para virar o sensei!up ph:para virar a treinadora de p…

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...Agente Y2... ...Agente Y2... 26 June 2013

en las

entren en pokemmo y visitenme

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Toto1000 Toto1000 27 April 2013

I am new

hi I'm new on this wiki i am English I am registered on cpys since October 2012 I like apple pie a picture of my penguin on cpys:soon my regular server is glacial and skyfall

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Twiximan Twiximan 17 April 2013


Please make sure when you make a page or edit, USE GOOD GRAMMAR. Don't Talk Like This It Gets Really Annoying. ._.

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Twiximan Twiximan 15 April 2013

Clans Banned

Remember, clans are banned.

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LionStarStormClan LionStarStormClan 7 April 2013


There's a new clan on CPYS!! Stormclan!! Stormclan was created by StarMeowstar. Her cat name is LionStar.

We Currently Need more Warriors , at least one apprentice , a queen and kits , or elders.

Here is the clan V

Leader : LionStar - Starmeowstar

Deputy : HollyFur  - 33Crystal

Medicine cat : ???

Warriors : ???

Apprentices : ???

Queens : ???

Kits : ???

Elders : ???

If you wanna join go to !jr 860 and ask. then we will add your name to this list ^.^ Our territory is 859 , 860 , 861 and the shark iceberg place :P

P.S. : if you want to quit the clan tell starmeowstar so she can take your name off the list.

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Khantar07 Khantar07 6 March 2013

My Two New Blog Sites!

Welcome guys! I recently made my two new blog sites: one is for Club Penguin wallpapers and the other is CPYS updates! Just visit them by clicking the links below. Thanks!

Free Club Penguin Wallpapers made by me:
Khantar07's Official Club Penguin Wallpapers

CPYS Cheats Blog:
CPYS Cheats Blog

Oh and if you want to beta test Card-Jitsu Snow, just go to this link and make sure you still have your CP account. If not, you can always make a penguin!













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XXSammyXx95 XXSammyXx95 5 March 2013


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Khantar07 Khantar07 5 March 2013

Ambox 2 Update!

Good day, CPYS Wiki editors! I was browsing wikis until I found the Templates Wiki where I got the new version of Ambox. I introduce to you all, the Ambox 2!

This is the previous version of Ambox:

Let's compare it to the new version of Ambox:

Just go to the Template:Ambox 2 page to see on how to use the new template! Thanks for your time!

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Khantar07 Khantar07 3 February 2013

Khantar's Custom Items

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Na7noo7 Na7noo7 2 February 2013

Bubble color coming to bling shop!

wanna have a grey bc? or a yellow nc? thats just for the bling shop! :D

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Na7noo7 Na7noo7 2 February 2013

Bling Pin

The Bling Pin Looks Like This: 

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Yiannis789 Yiannis789 1 February 2013

Some codes

Well guys here are some codes for cpys. Red ball cap 435, blue ball cap 436, white tuxedo 4069 and leprechaun tuxedo 291. Have a nice day :)

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Yiannis789 Yiannis789 28 January 2013

Cpys prom is done

The prom is done on cpys there will be more stuff after so have fun!

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Khantar07 Khantar07 27 January 2013

Call over more editors! The Wiki needs improvement!

Guys! Call over more editors in this wiki! I can't do it all by myself! If we get enough editors to help us improve this wiki, the wiki will improve more for visitors. Here are some problems of the wiki that needs creation or improvement:

  • A Chatbot

We need a chatbot or more! This is for safe and better chatting.

  • EmbedMusic

Template needs fixing! This is for CP music to work!

  • Weekly Poll

The Weekly Poll needs fixing! This is for the people's opinion!

  • New pages, more info

We need new pages for linking, category making and etc.

That's all folks! We need to improve the wiki ASAP!

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